Is your department interested in hosting  the Fundamentals of Homicide Investigation Seminar and obtaining free training for your investigators?

Receive free training for 1 investigator for every 5 paid registrations

Requirements for hosting:

1.     Classroom that accomodates 30 people fully equipped with media capabilities (projector, screen, audio, dvd)

2.     Six (6) breakout rooms for the scenario

3.     Report training to TCOLE or state commission on law enforcement for all participants

4.     Assist in finding location for  scenario (either a furnished model apartment or a hotel such as Residence Inn with kitchen and rooms similar to apartment)

5.     Assistance with advertising (send emails to all contacts and area departments)


Other HEAT  courses to host:

Cold Case Resolution



For more information contact David Thornton 817-994-0536 or Cheryl Johnson 817-944-3152